Monday, June 8, 2009

NY Organizers met Governor Palin this past weekend.

Two of our organizers, Adrienne Ross, our NY State organizer and Kristina Lazzaro our Buffalo, NY organizer, got the pleasure of meeting Governor Palin in person when she was in upstate NY. Auburn, NY was celebrating 50 years of Alaska's statehood. William Seward, who spent much of his life in Auburn is largely responsible for Alaska becoming a state, so Auburn is celebrating Founder's Day--and the governor of Alaska made the long trip from Alaska to the lower 48 to take part in the celebration. Palin also attended an autism awareness fundraiser sponsored by Autism Speaks at Manhattanville College on June 7, 2009 in Purchase, N.Y.

I can not recapture the awesome accounts that Adrienne and Kristina gave so go to their blogs to read the full account. Man I wish had been able to have been there! is Adrienne's Blog and you can read Kristina's account at her blog at

Way to go ladies!!!