Thursday, August 13, 2009

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Friday, August 7, 2009

2012 a repeat of 1912?

Bull Moose Party Logo

2012 a repeat of 1912?
By Randy Highsmith, Chairman
2012 Draft Sarah Committee

I post this as a point of discussion. Many have asked me if Sarah Palin runs in 2012 and does not get the Republican nomination will she run as an independent. Only she could answer that question for sure. I am sitting here reading a bit on Teddy Roosevelt (another great American Sarah has been compared to) and I have to wonder will the Republicans go down the same path they did in 1912.

Teddy Roosevelt was president of the United States until 1909. When he left office, William Taft was nominated as the Republican and won the presidency. In 1912, Roosevelt was unhappy with Taft's time in office and put his name forward to become the Republican Party's nominee again. The Party chose to stick with Taft. This angered Roosevelt who walked out of the convention and then formed his own party, the Progressive Party in protest. The party was nicknamed the Bull Moose party. It was taken from a quote by Teddy Roosevelt. When asked whether he was fit to be president, he responded that he was as fit as a "bull moose."

I urge the Republican Party not to make the same error by not supporting Sarah in 2012. I believe the Republican party will split again and that would mean a sure win for Obama and his fellow Socialist, ultimately destroying the America we know. The Republican Party is the party for Conservatives and if we put another Moderate/Liberal Republican as our nominee the party in my opinion will split to unite under the only true, proven and consistent conservative that is Sarah Palin.

If you feel the same as I do let your Republican Leadership at the local, state AND national level they need to get behind Sarah in 2012 and you are putting them on notice that you support Sarah and they need to as well.

I will post all the State Party Contact info here shortly so you will have the info readily available.

Here are some Republican Organizations you may want to share your thoughts with as well.

A popular Palin 2012 Logo...
Coincidence or a Message? is a great place to find your State party info.