Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2012 Draft Sarah Committee taking off!

Hey Guys,

2012 Draft Sarah Committee is taking off but we still need your help! The 2012 Draft Sarah Committee is registered with the Federal Elections Commission as a draft committee. The requirements on who can contribute are the same as for any federal elections.

Statements of income, contributors and expenditures are filed with the FEC.

At this time we have 16 state organizers. I would like to see the other slots filled by January 20th! If you are interested in being a state organizer visit then click on the "State Organizers" link. Look to see if we have someone in your state. If not go over to the "Volunteer" section and fill out the form, making sure you check the button "Working as an organizer". After that you will need to setup an email account somewhere like yahoo, gmail, aol etc. It should be in the form of Sarah then your state initials then 2012 at whatever your email account is for example Oregon would look something like The reason we do this is to provide some continuity to our organizer list. You may also notice we have area or city organizers as well. For instance we have organizers in Tallahassee and Miami helping me out here in Florida so if your state already has an organizer your help is still needed, especially in larger states with large cities. After you sign up and set up an email be sure to drop Paul, our National Organizer a note letting him know all that has been done. After you are approved you will be added to the organizers section and recive updates and other action notices. Let's make this happen. If you do not want to be an organizer we could still use your help so still go by and sign up as a volunteer. Also you can sign up for our email newsletter. You do that at the bottom of the link column at teh left of the page, right under the Contact link.

One other very important way you can help is by donating to the cause. Right now we are planning to set up a booth at the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference,February 26-28, 2009). The cost for this would be in the neighborhood of $3,000.00. That would be to cover the booth, printing and other related expenses. If you can help fill that need in funding it would be great. Go to the "Contribute" link and make a contribution to this effort.

Also just a reminder that I set up a petition that I hope you will sign and help get the word out as well.


God Bless you my friends and Merry Christmas!

Randy Highsmith
2012 Draft Sarah Committee – Florida Coordinator

Friday, December 5, 2008

"Sarah Palin Radio" Interview: 2012 Draft Sarah Committee’s Media Rep & Treasurer David Kelly Mon Dec 8th

Sarah Palin Radio

Governor Palin's own "friendly" media.
Join a network of Sarah Palin supporters and help spread the word.

Executive Producer of Sarah Palin Radio is LaDonna Hale Curzon
Tune in to Sarah Palin Radio to hear an interview with 2012 Draft Sarah Committee’s Media Representative and Treasurer David Kelly Monday December 8th, live (4:00PM - 5:00PM PST) 7 to 8 p.m. (EST). Together we can make a real difference in this effort. Let everyone you know to listen in and sign up to help the 2012 Draft Sarah Palin Committee’s effort. Sign up for the newsletter and also sign up as a volunteer at

Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's OK to wish me a Merry Christmas!

Hello Friends,

I get so tired of the Political Correct crowd destroying traditional American values! You look around and you see stores selling "holiday" trees or stores selling "holiday" gifts because they do not want to offend people. You see stores banning the Salvation Army from having their fund raising kettles and such for the same reasons. I respect everyone’s religious beliefs and practices but does that mean I have to not practice or show mine?

Enough is Enough! It's ok to wish me a Merry Christmas.

I know of this local man who printed up a bunch of buttons a few years ago and now he sells them every year. Last year I bought 50 of them to hand out to friends and family. I like to wear mine when I go into stores. You would be surprised in what kind of pleasant reactions you get.

If you are not a Christian then I wish you a;

"Happy Hanukkah", to my Jewish friends.
"Ramadan Mubarak" which means "May God grant you a blessed month," to my Muslim friends..
"Happy Kwanzaa." to my African American friends who recognize this holiday..
"Happy Yule" to my Wiccan/Pagan friends.
"Rohatsu" There is no greeting specifically for this holiday, although Zen practitioners greet each other with the gassho gesture, placing their palms together in front of their face in an acknowledgement of the other person's Buddha-nature. to my Buddhist friends.

... and if that does not cover you THEN Happy Holiday to you. But as for me and my family... you can Wish Us a Merry Christmas!

God Bless

Monday, December 1, 2008

Call a friend and/or relative in Georgia!!!

Sarah Supporters

I know several of you guys and gals have relatives and or friends in the great state of Georgia. If every blogger for Sarah called (or emailed) a friend and/or relative in Georgia we could help make a difference for Sarah right now. The Georgia runoff is so important for so many reasons, Sarah herself has staked her reputation on helping Saxby Chambliss whith this runoff. As most of you probably know Sarah is campaigning for Chambliss today. I read an article this morning on just why she thinks this runoff is so important. Below is an excerp of that article;

And she cast the Georgia runoff as the first step in rehabilitating the Republican Party, wounded by losses in November including the defeat of the McCain-Palin ticket.

"It takes rebuilding and I say let that begin here in Georgia tomorrow," Palin said.

She touted Chambliss' support for gun rights as well his opposition to abortion and tax hikes.

"We must send Saxby back to the United States Senate," she said.

To recap: So here is what I say we need to do. If we have friends and/or relatives in Georgia we need to call and or email them tonight urging them to get out tomorrow and cast a vote for for Chambliss.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

2012 Draft Sarah Committee

I wanted you all to know about this new 2012 Draft Sarah Committee. Visit their web site at for more information. I volunteered to be their Florida Organizer. They (we) are so far the only registered group in the Draft Sarah movement that is a legal Political Action Committee registered with the FEC.

The web site is in it's early stages and it will have more as the team developes. So far we have 12 state coordinators and are looking for more. If you are interested in helping out you can email me or contact the Committee Chairman, Paul Streitz, Email:

2012 Draft Sarah Committee
David L. Kelly, Treasurer, & Media Contact
P.O. Box 63562
Colorado Springs , CO 80962


Randy Highsmith,
2012 Draft Sarah Committee - Florida Organizer

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fred Thompson for RNC Chair? By Matt Lewis

I saw this opinion peace yesterday on The Politico;

I have heard several good names tossed out there, two of which, Michael Steel and Newt Gingrich being two of the more talked about but Lewis is making a case here for Fred Thompson. I too like this idea as Fred was who I supported in the primaries. Whoever it turns out to be I hope they are effective communicators but most of all I hope they are true conservatives in the vein of Ronald Reagan!

... and what are your thoughts?

Randy Highsmith

Fred Thompson for RNC Chair? By Matt Lewis

The presidential race is over, but for a few top Republicans, the campaign is just beginning. At its winter meeting in January, the Republican National Committee will elect a new chairman, and a slew of hungry candidates are already lining up for the job.

Some might consider the RNC chairmanship to be a low-profile position, but there’s already no Republican Senate majority leader or House speaker and soon there will be no Republican president. For at least two years, the chairman will become the de facto national leader and face of the GOP — and will arguably be the most powerful Republican in the United States.

Unlike recent predecessors, the new chairman not only will need to oil the party machinery but also to be the primary mechanism for advancing the Republican message. This will require enough gravitas and personal magnetism to play loyal opposition to the Obama administration. Furthermore, Republican voters are angry at the party leadership right now — angry enough to break out the guillotines. We need a chairman who can both combat the Democratic president and control the stampeding elephants.

Where can we find such a superhuman being? Does such a person even exist?

Right now, several qualified and worthy state GOP chairmen are seen as potential candidates. In fact, they’ve been generating buzz for almost a year.

When the party is without a sitting president or a powerful leader such as Newt Gingrich (who, sadly, has said he is not interested in the position), a talented state chairman might be just the way to go. Two state chairmen stand out: Katon Dawson of South Carolina and Saul Anuzis of Michigan. As solid spokesmen who have labored in the vineyards of party politics, both are fine men who would be good for the RNC chairmanship. Former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele also is running.

But there is a nationally recognized leader who should also be thrown into the mix: former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson.

During his short-lived 2008 presidential run, Thompson often seemed a better advocate for others than for himself. After dropping out of the presidential race, he served as one of Sen. John McCain’s most eloquent, hard-hitting and effective surrogates. With his Hollywood ties, he’s also a pretty good fundraiser. As RNC chairman, he could continue in that role without the pressure to become president himself (which, frankly, didn’t seem to appeal to him).

Of course, there are other dynamic leaders who could enter the mix. Rudy Giuliani, for instance, could definitely make a strong case for himself. Giuliani has the chutzpah to shake things up and the personal magnetism to be an effective leader. The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder noted possibly the most intriguing pre-Election Day speculation, when he said that “some activists want Sarah Palin — assuming she doesn’t become vice president — to run.”

I really like that idea. I still want Thompson, of course, but it’s still one heck of a good idea. Then again, why not have both?

Yes, it’s possible. Take a gander at the Rules of the Republican Party, specifically Subsection One of Section A of Rule No. 5. It reads, “A chairman and a co-chairman of the opposite sex ... shall be elected by the members of the Republican National Committee.” I’m not sure who decided to write affirmative action into the Republican Party’s rules, but in this case, it could work to the GOP’s advantage. If Thompson were elected chairman, the party has to elect a female co-chairman anyway. Why not use that technicality to elect Palin and get two stars for the price of one?

Forget about simply countering Barack Obama. With the party in the hands of a high-wattage Thompson-Palin tag team, I’m pretty sure that the two could seize the offensive and leave the new president in the dust. I realize this idea sounds mildly insane, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work. The Boston Tea Party probably seemed like a pretty stupid idea at the time, but in hindsight, those dudes in the freaky Indian costumes were pretty darn smart.

Decorum and tradition probably dictate that the next RNC chairman be a stodgy partisan apparatchik, but since when did decorum ever get us anywhere? It certainly didn’t do us much good this year. In fact, it probably lost us the most important election in modern history.

So let’s dispense with the pleasantries and actually shake things up for once. After four years of Obama’s socialist policies, something tells me that the American people are going to be ready for another tea party. With Thompson and Palin leading the charge, we might be able to throw Obama’s elite liberal administration (and their soy chai lattes) overboard.

Matt Lewis is a contributing writer for, a leading conservative opinion website to which former Sen. Fred Thompson also contributes.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Be sure to join Draft Palin for President & Team Sarah

You know, it is really exciting to see all these blogs, yahoo groups and other teams working for the same cause. That cause being to promote and encourage Sarah Palin to run for President in 2012. Below are two such groups I belong to and I encourage you to join. The more we are connected the better.

View my page on Team Sarah

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sarah Palin's interview with Greta Van Susteren

Sarah Palin sat down for her first post-election interview with FOX News Channel's Greta Van Susteren.

Below are four seperate clips of that interview. Good stuff!

This is just one more way to get to know Governor Palin and why you should support her.

Is Sarah Palin the Future of the Republican Party?

Below is a video from It is a discussions on whether or not Sarah Palin is the future of the Republcan Party or not. Marjorie Dannenfelser from

Is Sarah Palin the Future of the Republican Party? Well I think if conservatives get behind Governor Palin she will be. As I have said in past post, in my opinion Sarah Palin is RIGHT choice for the Republican Party and the RIGHT for America.

Friday, November 14, 2008

A Book Review (of sorts) Part 2 - Sarah: How a Hockey Mom Turned Alaska's Political Establishment on Its Ear

I finished reading the book "Sarah: How a Hockey Mom Turned Alaska's Political Establishment on Its Ear," by Kaylene Johnson.” I came to the same conclusion as I had before. Sarah is a down to earth politician who can connect the common man (and woman) in way that few can, because she lives that life. With Sarah it is not an image, it is who she is. I recall Jimmy Carter trying show he was a common man by carrying an empty suite bag on to his plane. With Sarah I think what you see is what you get. In several interviews prior to her being picked by McCain as his running mate I saw Sarah doing the interviews from her kitchen, while making the kids lunch. In a recent post election interview with Greta Van Susteren she was making hot dogs during the interview. My point being is she is showing how everyday moms (and dads) juggle life and work. Sarah Palin has something most politicians lack, that is “walking around sense” or common sense as some of you more learned folk may say.

In the closing chapter of the book author Kaylen Johnson wrote “Sarah's siblings sat nearby, marveling at how someone as down-to-earth as Sarah could reach such extraordinary heights by standing firm for her beliefs.” Let us stand firm WITH Sarah and take the Republican Party back to her conservative principals then return this nation to those same principals that made this the greatest nation on earth, the greatest nation ever. In case you do not know what those principals are: Here a few Fiscal Conservatism, Supply-Side Economics, Social Conservatism, Pro-Life, Pro Traditional Family, Pro Defense and Pro Business. I am sure I am missing several but that is what comes to my mind.

I urge you to buy this book read it and you will discover for yourself why I like millions feel like we have found a voice that will represent us. That voice being that of Sarah Palin.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Biography of Integrity

Below content is from

Sarah PalinAlaska Governor Sarah Palin has managed to balance her family life with public service. Living the American Dream while ensuring it for other to enjoy.

Sarah's parents arrived in Alaska in 1964 to teach school in Skagway.

Palin was the point guard for the Wasilla High School Warriors when they won the state small school basketball championship in 1982.

In 1984, Palin competed in the Miss Alaska contest after being chosen Miss Wasilla that year. In the Wasilla contest, she played the flute and also won the title of Miss Congeniality.

After moving to the Valley and graduating from Wasilla High, Sarah earned her Journalism degree from the University of Idaho. She worked in media and the utility industry before beginning her public service 14 years ago.

Sarah was elected to two terms on the Wasilla City Council, and then two terms as the Mayor / Manager of Alaska's fastest growing community. During her tenure as Mayor she reduced property tax levels while increasing services and made Wasilla a business friendly environment drawing in new industry. The responsibility of managing dozens of employees including a growing police department and public works department, and overseeing the multimillion dollar capital and operating budgets provided her with hands-on, 21st Century relevant administrative experience. Sarah's demonstrated leadership was also recognized when she was elected by her mayoral peers as President of the Alaska Conference of Mayors. In this role, she worked with local, state and federal officials to promote solutions to the needs of Alaska's communities.

Sarah served as Chairman of Alaska's Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, which regulates Alaska's most valuable non-renewable resources: oil and gas. She also served on the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission. Sarah was named one of Alaska's "Top 40 Under 40", Alaska's Public Works "Person of the Year", and was recently inducted into the Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society at Alaska Pacific University.

Sarah is currently an elected board member of Valley Hospital, has served on numerous boards and commissions throughout the State, and stays active as a marathon runner, sports team mom, hockey manager and school volunteer.

Palin is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association. Her husband, Todd, works for BP at an oil field on the North Slope and is a commercial fisherman. On September 11, 2007, the Palins' son Track joined the Army. Age 18 at the time, he is the eldest of her five children. She also has three daughters, Bristol, 17, Willow, 13, and Piper, 7. On April 18, 2008, Palin gave birth to her second son, Trig Paxson Van Palin, who has Down syndrome. The Palin family lives in Wasilla, about 40 miles north of Anchorage.

A Book Review (of sorts) Part 1 - Sarah: How a Hockey Mom Turned Alaska's Political Establishment on Its Ear

As I said in a previous post I can relate to Sarah Palin in so many ways. One of those ways is her faith in God. I am currently reading "Sarah: How a Hockey Mom Turned Alaska's Political Establishment on Its Ear," by Kaylene Johnson. It’s not a long book but it is a revealing book. It reveals what makes Sarah Palin who she is and from what I have read and seen from her on the stump, her faith in God is the biggest building block in her character. This post is not a chapter by chapter review of that book, it is more of what stood out to me. I suggest you get this book and read it for yourself and make your own conclusions.

In chapter two of this book author Kaylene Johnson recounts a time in Sarah’s life where she came to realization that God was speaking directly to her. Here is an excerpt of that part. "Over time, however, she began to notice that the words being spoken from the pulpit seemed directed not just to the general congregation but specifically to her. She found, too, that the music lifted her spirits in a way that nothing else did. And she discovered that when she prayed, she felt the presence of something far greater than herself." I think so many of us feel that draw or call from God into a relationship with Him and relate to Sarah’s religious foundation found only in Christ. Some of us find that at an early age and some later in life. Regardless of when it happens, it is something at the core of our very being. Johnson stated Palin held fast to the verse from 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18; Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. In my opinion that is such a great verse to hold onto.

Palin also experienced a great deal of growth in her life from her involvement in High School sports. In her senior year of High School her basketball team made it to the state finals. Sarah had suffered an ankle injury just before the state tournament. Sarah playing hurt in the championship game scored the final points. I particularly liked what her coach said also in chapter two about that win. Here is an excerpt of that part. “Coach Teeguarden said that the girls showed what they were made of in that tournament. Sarah, like other players, believes basketball taught her what she needed to know about life. Teeguarden sees it differently. "Basketball doesn't create a person, it reveals who you are," he said. "Sports, like anything we do that requires effort, provide an opportunity for growth. You find out things about yourself and sometimes you find out that you have to make adjustments to become more productive and content.” What a true statement. I wrestled in High School and learned the same thing in my experience.

In chapter 5 after Sarah lost her bid for Lieutenant Governor, Sarah showed her beliefs and faith in my opinion by taking the loss in stride and saying “all things happen for a reason, and that there was a greater plan at work”. I feel this loss to Obama/Biden was for a reason as well. I think that reason is 2012 and is in part why I set up this blog site.

I’ll finish reading the book tonight and write more on my impressions. At this point all I can say is the more I learn about Governor Palin (from this book) the more I like her as a person and a public servant.

Randy Highsmith

Oh Don't forget to sign the Run Sara Run Petition if you haven't done so already.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sarah Palin; Right for the Republican Party, Right for America.

Since the loss of the Presidency and further losses in the House and Senate, on November 4th 2008, it has become more than apparent our party has lost its bearing. I think the Principals and Philosophies espoused by Ronald Reagan were the right ones for the Republican Party and the right ones for America. In my opinion the one candidate out there that is Reaganesque is Sarah Palin. Not only is she politically close to Reagan but Palin has a way of connecting to the common man (Joe Six Pack) like myself that makes her the right choice for the Republican Party and the right choice for America. Under my “Favorite Links” section you will see a link to “Sarah Palin on the issues”, I suggest you visit it to get an idea of where Palin stands on the issues. If Palin best represents your values then perhaps you need to help take the Republican Party back from the liberals and moderates. They already have a party; it’s the Socialistic, Democratic Party of Barack Obama.

You say, ok I agree with you, and that our party has lost its way. What do we do about it? It’s quite simple… get involved. Get involved in your local party structure. Most every county in America has a Republican Executive Committee and every state has a state party structure. Visit go to the tab near the top of the page and click on the “State Parties” button then find your state. Go to your state party’s web page and look for a link to find your county’s information. Find out when your county party meets and join them. If your precinct does not have a committeeman in place let them know you would like to be voted on to fill that spot. After you are on your local REC you will have a direct voice in taking our party back and returning her back to the sound principled conservative philosophy.

Keep Fighting The Good Fight,
Randy Highsmith

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sarah Palin for President 2012

Sarah Palin for President 2012

This site is dedicated to encouraging Sarah Palin to run for President in 2012. There are several great sites out there and I encourage you to seek them out and join them in their encouragement of Governor Palin to run in 2012.

If you are like me she was one of the main reasons you were encouraged to vote for McCain. As a conservative I was not enthused about McCain. The add of Sarah Palin to the ticket excited me to the point of not only voting for McCain but actively campaign for the ticket.

There are several reason I support Sarah Palin. First and foremost is her Reaganesque philosophy. Her unapologetic pro-life stand, her pro energy independence stance and her pro second amendment record.

I set up a petition to encourage Governor Palin to run in 2012.

Randy Highsmith