Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Facebook Page "Americans for Sarah Palin" Are they really!?

"Americans for Sarah Palin" Are they really!?

There are many good Facebook pages out there supporting Governor Palin. A few out there seem to be all about trashing Governor Palin. One in particular that saddens me is "Americans for Sarah Palin". Seems like most of the comments there are nothing but anti Sarah Palin trash. I wrote their "Admins" on a couple occasions and have not heard back. I think this group actually started out as a Pro Sarah group but it sure does not seem that way now. They have nearly 145,000 members who I bet, thought they were joining a Pro Sarah group. I can no longer post on the page so I assume they have banned me. I had posted a comment asking where the Admins are and why do they allow such trash... I guess they did not like that. If you are a member of that page why don't you ask them why do they seem to come across as a Pro Sarah group but really are all about making Governor Palin look bad?

I am constantly trying to grow our 2012 DRAFT SARAH COMMITTEE Facebook Page so if you are on Facebook please feel free to join us.

Randy Highsmith

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